Poem by Choi Dae-Seoung (Prepared Angela Kosta)

Poem by Choi Dae-Seoung (Prepared Angela Kosta)
Poet Mr. Choi Dae-Seoung debuted with "Munyesajo". He has served in various capacities including as an executive of the Planning Division of the Korean Language Cultivation Committee of the Korean Writers' Association, an executive of the Poetry Division of the Chungnam Literary Association, Vice President of the Buddhist Literary Writers Association, an executive of the Korea Forest Literature Society, and a member of Ieodo Literary Society, the Salt Flower Poetry Society, and the Korean Literary Writers Association.
He has received several accolades, including the Main Prize of the "Munyesajo" Literary Award and the Grand Prize of the Contemporary Literary Movement Writer's Award. He was also selected as the 2021 Gongju Cultural Foundation Literary Person of the Year.
His poetry collections include "Standing by the River Endlessly" and "Memories of Innocence".
Where does the river come from?
Pushing through the mist between the mountains,
Where does the majestic river come from?
Its endless silent flow,
Hiding unknown depths, where does it come from?
The red sun climbs the mountains,
The river is now dressed in golden clothes.
The sun and the river become one in a feverish frenzy,
Burning the whole body, the fierce whirlwinds raging without a scream.
Where does the river come from?
The river flows, waking the dawn star,
The red sun sparkles, and I become naked.
The river
Where does it come from?
You, truly, where do you come from?
강은 어디서 오는가
산과 사이 안개를 헤치고
장엄하게 흐르는 강은 어디서 오는가
하염없는 침묵의 흐름
없는 감추고 어디서 오는가
붉은 산을 오른다
강은 어느새 금침 옷을 입는다
해와 강이 하나 되는 뜨거운 몸살
온몸을 태우고 비명 없이 몰아치는 휘모리
강은 어디서 오는가
새벽별 깨우고 흐르는
붉은 반짝이고 나는 벌거숭이 된다
어디서 오는가
너는, 정녕 어디서 오는가
The river is gently rippling and my heart is hot.
The light across the river comes across the water
The lights flutter over the water
The sound of a duck being paddled
My hot breath trembles slightly
A sky without stars is dark
If I'm buried in the dark and can't find you
Should I just listen to the sound of water ducks alone?
By loving you
I am the happiest in the world
Standing on the edge of a deep dark river
A stream of water flowing deep into a river
My head is filled with your breath
If you leave behind regrets rather than approach me with a passionate kiss, will you remain as a blue bird that I will never be able to catch?
Even if you fly to a faraway place that cannot be caught
Like a dream, you can't go after you erase my memory
Even if the marks left remain over time
I won't let you go
The wind sweeps the river and comes to me
standing by the river
I flow to you endlessly
강가에 서서
강물은 잔잔히 일렁이고 가슴은 덥다
건너 불빛은 수면을 질러와
위에 출렁이고
젓는 들려오는 물오리 소리
더운 가늘게 떨리고
별도 없는 하늘은 어둡기만 하다
어둠에 묻혀 그대 찾지 못하면
홀로 물오리 소리만 들을까,
그대를 사랑함으로
세상에서 나는 가장 행복하거니와
짙은 어둠 강가에 서면
깊이 흐르는 물줄기
머릿속은 온통
그대 숨결로 채워져
뜨거운 입맞춤으로 다가가느니
미련을 남기고 흘러가면
영원히 잡지 못할 파랑새로 그대는 남을까,
잡을 없는 곳으로 그대
날아간다 해도
꿈처럼 기억을 지워놓고 가지는 못할 것이기에
남겨진 자국이 세월을 찧는다 해도
그대를 놓지 않으렵니다
바람은 강물을 훑어 내게로 오고
강가에 서서
하염없이 그대에게 흘러갑니다

Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator