Danijela Ćuk - For my children (Prepared Angela Kosta)

Danijela Ćuk - For my children (Prepared Angela Kosta)
was born on May 25, 1989. in Vukovar with residence in Čavli (Croatia). I write poetry and prose as well as volunteer. So far, I have published 2 independent collections of poetry: "Pozitivom do života" and "Snaga ljubavi" and participated in over 20 joint collections of poetry.
Dedicated to my children: Lucija, Leon and Antoni
My children, little angels,
you who have just set foot on the roads of this world, 
know that I love you the most in the world,
because you are the smile of my world.
You are my greatest joy, 
your smile is the light that will always live,
 in me and in my soul, 
and nothing in this world can destroy that.
You know, my angels, that I am there for you,
 for better or for worse,
 in waking life and in sleep, 
where the hearts of love merge into one.
Your lovely faces and the look that conquers
everything will live forever in my heart, 
because there is only one mother's love, 
the one that fights until it runs out of breath.
My children, I want you to know one thing, 
I live for you because you are my precious 
treasure, and there is nothing that can extinguish that glow,
because only for you there is my warm embrace. 
Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator