Charles Lipanda Mahigwe - Poetic cycle - Part -II-

Charles Lipanda Mahigwe - Poetic cycle - Part -II-
Charles Lipanda Mahigwe President of African Youth Artistic Poetry-AYAP 
As a fourth grade student 
I knew nothing about love 
But I could feel something in my heart 
As she came inside 
Thinking that that feeling was just temporarily 
She was the glowing gold 
With a fine and soft skin 
The one which no boy would dare to touch and hold 
Her beauty was incomparable 
For her eyes shined more than sun 
Her fingers tapping a six stringed guitar 
Producing angelic voice 
Her smile could hide her pain 
Even when she was hurt 
Looking at her was all I could do 
She was my copybook 
The one I'd easily memorize 
And not even forget a single page 
When asked to describe her 
She was the ink of my pen 
For I'd not even write a test when she's not around 
If I were a singer 
I'd write her a lyrics 
Composed of frozen words 
That would melt down like waxy 
When she said that she was taken 
If I were an artist 
I'd sculpture her with bronze 
Standing millions of feet more than that of Babel 
But it would fall down in a second 
When she rejected me 
If writings and words were keys 
I'd have opened thousands of dreams 
And bring them alive 
Like air swirling in the space, my life would be 
If my thoughts were answers from God 
I'd have filled my inner doubts with hopes 
And shut them down 
Like shining bronze, my life would be 
If worries were flash floods 
Fear, bad spirits and demons would have been washed away 
And our bodies would remain temples of heaven angels 
Like devouted Christian, my life would be 
If heaven had had a door 
I'd have visited my parents thrice an hour 
And they never recognized me unless I told them 
Like bipole, my life would be 
If school was a girl 
I'd have married her before other people knew 
That she can breathe,, speak and show the path of success
and I'd apologize for being selfish more than millions of days 
Like teaching, my life would be 
If my mom and dad died when I was 17 
I'd not have been struggling to death 
I'd not have been going to school with an empty stomach 
I'd not have been walking barefoot 
I'd not have been wearing worn and torn clothes 
And I'd know where there were engraved 
Like worse misfortune, my life would be 
If I die today, many unfulfilled dreams at my deathbed
will tell that if I were alive, they would've been brought alive 
And my soul would be complaining above the lake Tanganyika 
Like malleable, my life would be
It'll reach a day 
That you've been hoping to see 
Like chickens ticking on the eggs to lay 
Been waiting to discern what's inside your flight 
Your way will be full of lights 
No more darkness to hinder your insights 
But no matter what, but you'll still need to fight 
For there's minor problem in life 
Initially people lived for the beauty of the nature 
But today we live for the sake of life 
Dreaming to be alive that day 
That holds thousands of pages like a book 
Being written by your own visions 
Can't be wet nor destroyed even by violent floods 
For they've been encrypted by your mind and soul 
This day is the sky 
For one part is cloudy and another is milky 
But don't give upon your dreams 
For they are like streams 
Carrying future for you 
You're expected to work harder after failing 
For failure is not the barrier to success 
But the courage for your progress 
Changes will come 
Like heavy rains from the sky 
'Ts when you'll realize that 
It's not a man that makes dream but a dream that makes a man 
Daydream is for you to dream bigger than the the corpsus of Brain
Or even bigger than the vastness of Drcongo
I told a girl that my heart
Was like a bird searching for her nest
While thunder and lightning were after her
She never replied
But only her lips could speak
Speak in a quavering voice
For they trembled like earthquake victims
Like gravels been washed away by the strong wind
Quelling her panic inside her
Should I say love is hell
Living in a tale
For it burns my heart
Till my chest becomes a bundle of ashes
Does loving someone queries art?
I hope she shall hear these feelings
Moving like blood into arteries
If love was a scar
You'd never find even a little trace of it on my body
For I've never been loved even a second.
If love was heaven
Only a few souls would walk into there
For mine never tasted even a little.
If love was sky
Stars could be counted
But only me who would not be seen.
If love was air
I'd die suffocation
For my body would contain no oxygen.
What's love when words themselves are weaker than actions?
Where foes defeat soldiers in the battle
If lovers were warriors.
And war was love
I'd die before they even shoot me
And this wound could get no cure
For it's like AIDS.
I'm scared of this type of love
For it makes my body shiver
Like smoking wrecking liver
This love is quarry
Where unstoppable feelings are dug out
Where a girl is quasar
Shining like gold and silver
But it flows harshly like water in river
If love was a car
Those names of boyfriend and girlfriend couldn't even exist
That I'd travel the whole world by my feet
She and I walked a thousands of miles
Before I finished telling her
These words stained on my burned heart
While reading her smiles
Love is queasy
But this piece is not a quibble
Then why should I love when nobody loves me?

Prepared Angela Kosta