Poem by Yasmine Harmoush

Poem by Yasmine Harmoush
The Lebanese writer Yasmine Harmoush from Al - Safira Al - Dinniyeh, her field of specialization is financial accounting. She has two books entitled (Al-Yasmine) (Qatuf Al-Yasmine). Her writing has topped all Arab and Western fields.
I serchead 
In the city 
About the coat 
It covers my beauty
But he didn't cover it
The magic of her beauty
It was her legs 
Longer than a winter's night
Her steps are faster
From the heartbeat
She struts with pride
he said to her:
I will carry you from among 
Loin of balconies
I will fly with you like a feather 
Lighter than the breeze
And I hear your words
Not like words
I will squeeze your letters
In the alphabet cup
And pour you into the toast of life 
I will give you medicine
It cures my illness
Who mutes languages
I will pick pomegranate blossoms from you 
And I plant it in an orchard
And pour the scent of roses 
On the edge of your mouth
Dripping with the fragrance of passion 
One of the characteristics of your hair
It pours drop by drop
In a bottle filled with love
What a whisperer he was jealous of
Playing flutes
I'll spill ink on you
In the pool of poets
And whenever you violate
The Ten Commandments
I'll punish you with a hug 
The fountain pen breaks 
He scatters words
And when you are obedient
I will free your braids 
And he took you away 
We rock together
With the raging wind
Our hair is flying
With wave frequencies 
We collect love letters
From the sky dictionary
Then we walk around
In areas of space
we sit 
Around a fireplace full of stars
We're chatting
With dust particles
And right before nap 
Magic flashes
We accept the furrows of the moon 
We sleep in light dormitories
We seek refuge under the quilt of the abyss 
Without whispers and night whispers
Clouds pregnant with jealousy 
She frowned at me
She complained to fate...
So she gave birth
And drops soaked in blood
Then the censers of life went out!
Clouds said
Oh girl of the moon 
And the neighbor of the stars 
Choose magical flowers
Choose a flower 
Not like the rest of the dice
Not Narcissus 
Like an arrogant daffodil
Nothing like the magic of a lotus flower 
Choose her as a rebel
And break the power of her pride 
Pluck its petals 
One after another
Make it a puppet in your hands
The first petal was...  
He doesn't love me!
Ascetic in the temple of my love
So I announced my birth date
I have given up the reproach of life
I wandered into a space of hope
I lived among the mountain peaks
And she took a red rosy cheek
"Wreaths of mountains" were distributed.
And I fell asleep 
Without discomfort and insomnia! 
I dreamed
Mixed between reality and fantasy
In which he escapes from the swarm..
And loitering on the sidewalks of the mirage!
I caught a glimpse of my soul mate 
On the edge of imagination...
So I walked a distance
Three decades and a few wounds...
Without misery or trouble..
We met at the intersection of imagination
Ain al-Ghadir sank.
A flood that drowned the ocean...
After a sigh broke the silence...
We exchanged conversations in whispers.
With letters containing 
Secrets of the soul...
Jasmine scent
It was imprinted on his cheeks
You melted away from me
A whirlwind of memories...
Prepared Angela Kosta