Biography and poetic cycle by Antonio Bernard Ma-at

Biography and poetic cycle by Antonio Bernard Ma-at
Antonio Bernard Ma-at, affectionately known as "Your fellow dreamer," is a globally collaborative author who skillfully weaves diverse cultural influences into his literary works. His anthologies, competition entries, and the heartwarming "Mothers of the World" compilation not only celebrate personal victories but also promote community empowerment. In addition to his writing, Antonio serves as a passionate poetry lecturer and holds the esteemed role of Philippines Executive Director of World of Writers, where he mentors aspiring writers with dedication. Co-founding the New Leaf Writing Community and actively participating in initiatives like Passion of Poetry and Filipino Poets in Blossoms, Antonio helps nurture vibrant literary communities worldwide, collectively overseeing more than 156,000 members. Furthermore, as a toastmaster, artist, and musician, he brings layers of creativity to his multifaceted persona. Recognized as a Top Ten Contemporary Author, Antonio's global influence extends to spearheading a Guinness World Record project. Noteworthy accolades include being named Author of the Year at the Asia Pacific Luminaire Awards 2023 and participating as a guest at prestigious events like the Asia's Icon Golden Awards and Asia's Humanitarian Award ceremonies. Antonio's story embodies artistic dedication, cross-cultural integration, and significant impact. Currently, he contributes to the Academy of Farsala in Greece and collaborates with philosophers on the Philosophy of Spring project, further enriching his diverse portfolio of intellectual endeavors.

 I'll dance again, 
with the pearl of the night sky. 
Even if my feet burn on the stage of oblivion 
or my soul's ashes purge in the depths of the night. 
I'll dance again, 
with the pearl of the night sky. 
Its glorious light that sets me free, 
captivating the stars, 
the sky, 
the breeze of sea. 
Unknown to tongues, 
were hidden scars, 
 my body is in pain, 
 I felt insane.
Yet I'll still be seen dancing 
with the pearl of the night sky.
When a silver coin rises towards the skies horizon,
A bristling chapter of awareness glints to be discovered. 
It all begins in the cradle of existence, 
Where I drift and realize I never truly rest. 
Each day summons me to play, 
To sculpt shadows from a malleable clay. 
 Reciting my lines, 
Adapting my personas, 
Again and again, 
I only flicker,
like a dying star in the night. 
So, I play with my shadow once more. 
Desirous of a howl, 
Yearning for a thunderous roar. 
This bloodlust within, 
pierced through the layers of my skin. 
Kindling flames in my eyes, 
Setting crystalline thoughts inside my mind. 
Yet, I persist in replaying the same script, 
with each iteration birthing a new shadow, 
I'm Trapped in an eternal cycle of seeking, 
Lost amidst echoes of parallel existence.
An imperfect actor, 
Enthroned upon a tumultuous stage, 
Awoken by the brilliance, 
To perform under the spotlight's gaze. 
Every gesture uniquely his own, 
Unfolding in unforeseen moments. 
Infront of a crowd 
that hungers and thirst. 
The valour of entertainment. 
His heart beats in rhythm, 
Commanded to lead, 
Mentally bound to enact, 
An untold saga of his existence. 
He yearns to grasp the stars, 
within the grasp of his hand, 
Or to ride the moon's glow, 
Where his souls desires command. 
With no script to guide him, 
The actor must improvise, 
Through the night and day, 
He hopes nothing gets on His way.