Poem by Kim Bomseo (Prepared Angela Kosta)

Poem by Kim Bomseo (Prepared Angela Kosta)
Poetess Ms. Kim Bomseo (real name Kim Mi-hee) was born in Boryeong, South Chungcheong Province, in 1968. She graduated from Hallym University's Graduate School of Social Welfare with a master's degree. She is a Vice president of Korean Association of World LiteratureIn 2019, she won the 19th Quarterly Literary Sensitivity Award for New Writers.
She wrote poetry collections Touching the Forehead of the Stars, Cherry Blossom Anniversary Attack Incident and Decasi Sky Ticket Office.
I planted my father
My father wandered around the fields
all his life trying to make
a few pyeong(3.3) of shade.
He won't fall again
May he take deep roots and cast wide shade.
Tamp down the soil tightly,
Give plenty of water,
I planted my father on the windy hill
아버지를 심었습니다
평생 그늘 만드느라 들판을 헤매셨던 아버지
다시는 쓰러지지 않게
깊이 뿌리내려 넓은 그늘 드리우도록
꼭꼭 밟아가며
듬뿍 주며,
바람의 언덕에 아버지를 심었습니다
The night is long when the shadow is taken away
Old longing rushes in
Tonight too
It seems difficult to fall asleep easily
I won't regret what I lost
I need more composure.
Only then will my soul be able to rest properly.
I'll have to ask the flowers outside the door tomorrow morning.
When will I be able to stand as myself?"
그림자를 빼앗긴
그림자를 빼앗긴 밤이 길다
낡은 그리움이 밀려든다
오늘 밤도
잠들기는 틀린 같다
잃어버린 것을 애석해하지 않을
평정심이 필요하다
그래야 영혼이 하뼘이라도
제대로 있을 텐데 말이다
내일 아침 문밖 풀꽃에 물어봐야겠다
어느 때라야 나로 있는지,
The land where the sun is buried at 90 degrees north latitude
Even the stars were buried
The white light of youth,
It didn't fade away for a long time
white blood stains
I can't open my eyes to this sad tone
A static language that makes even the earth heavenly.
Even in my dreams,
I pray to remember the language
The earth swallows all the blood of the stars.
Only then does the earth turn bloody
Fluff sprouts on the trees,
A cluster of flowers resembling a star open its eyes
삶의 프랙털Fractal
북위 90 태양의 매장지
별들도 순장되었다
하얀 청춘의 빛이
오래도록 사그라들지 않았다
하얀 혈흔
슬픈 지조에 눈을 없다
땅마저 하늘 되게 하는
정지된 언어를 기억하기 위해
꿈속에서도 기도를 올린다
별들의 혈흔을 모두 삼키고 나서야
땅에 혈기가 돈다
나무에도 솜털이 돋아나고
별을 닮은 꽃송이 실눈을 뜬다

(Prepared Angela Kosta)