Kalipada Ghosh-India (Prepared A. Kosta)

Kalipada Ghosh-India (Prepared A. Kosta)
Man is guided by the Supreme soul. Be it a divine power or soul within. The higher potentiality lies in every human soul and this Conscience. The conscience is the voice of God. The consciousness of the soul is to be awakened. The higher the thought, the higher the nobility of soul.
The flowers bloom, the Sun rises, the moon beams, the ocean rages. These natural phenomena happen for the cause -effect relationship and cosmic transition process.
Here lies the cosmic beauty, love and harmony.
Light, light
Oh light!
I invoke thee
To illuminate me
And all...
The cosmic sense and sensibility lies in Man's soul to uplift his higher thoughts of cosmic enlightenment bringing light and dispelling darkness. This cosmic love, light and energy transmission will be the be all and end all of the every member of the society. This cosmic light enlivens and energises our body, mind and spirit to a higher level of uplifting and salvation.
Spirituality is the essence of the uplift of soul. Spiritual development is to be cultivated from within.
The thoughts and ideas of our ancient Indian sages can bring transformation for the upliftment of our soul. The elevated soul can change the world to a new and prospective world. Swami Vivekananda is the spiritual mentor across the globe. He is a ' cyclonic monk' delivering his epoch- making lecture in USA. We feel proud of our Swami Vivekananda. He said "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached". Mercy, compassion, empathy reside within the inner -depth of the soul. We must try to uplift our soul for the wellbeing of the humanity. Peace and happiness will be our constant companion.