Article by Dr Jernail S. Anand (Prepared Angela Kosta)

Article by Dr Jernail S. Anand (Prepared Angela Kosta)
By Dr Jernail S. Anand
One has to start from the beginning. Was Knowledge such a bad thing that God had really forbidden man from tasting the apple? Perhaps, God had an inkling that once the ball is set rolling, there is no stopping it. A question arises: was it only man who disobeyed God and he was thrown out of Heaven? On the earth, where man was sent, he came across so many animals, birds, and insects. Were they too under the spell of a curse? I mean: if knowledge had struck man like a mine of dynamite, and exploded his innocence, what happened to the animal kind? Perhaps, they remained unaffected. They carried their innocence over to the Earth. It was only man who was blessed or unblessed by Knowledge.
- Knowledge Versus Intuition
What do we mean by innocence? Does it mean ignorance? Does it mean the animal and aviary world, which was transferred to the Earth from Eden, had nothing known as knowledge. Perhaps, there is one word which stands opposite to knowledge. It is not ignorance. It is intuition. The simple minded folk were overloaded with intuitionary capabilities, so much so, that till now, they have outdistanced man in his reach. The first thing is that man has not been able to eliminate the forests because he has nothing to replace them, for the supply of oxygen, which is absolutely free. He lives on animals and birds. Who will hatch them if forests are not around? Intuition can be equated with Original Intelligence with which animals and birds, and even men are born. And it relates to the instinct of survival. Animals, walking along roads on high altitudes, know how to keep on the road, otherwise, they could fall into the gorge. We have seen vehicles falling into gorges, never any animals. They have strong intuitionary valves, which have helped them stay intact in spite of human onslaught on them.
This original intelligence, or intuition, is not only the case with animals and birds, or insects, it is very much a part of the original gift of life that plants and vegetation get from nature. If you want to understand what is innocence, go to a tree. Touch it. Cut it. Make chairs and tables from it. Tear its branches, and put them into the bonfire. They will never utter a cry. At least, we can’t hear that cry, because, it cannot be that a living thing which brutally attacked won’t cry. The small ants that get killed as we walk on the road, and when car tyres burst upon moving cockroaches, - they die in their innocence. Because some knowledge is just beyond them. They are born with great limitations of knowingness. Their brief is really too brief. What can be the brief of a firefly which takes wings as it looks at a flame, and then, does not leave it until it burns down its wings and falls flat on the floor, half dead. Rest of the work is done by the sweepers who sweep them into dustbins.
So, it can be argued that animals, birds, insects, winds, waters, let us add, and the vegetation, are equipped with intuitionary powers, and they know how to retain their identity, and fight the attacking forces. They have, and they were powerful too, in the beginning, for, men were scared of the forest. So scared that they used to venerate natural forces like winds, waters, and vegetation etc. Even today, after so much dirty water has flowed down the rivers, and filled the oceans, men get scared when clouds burst and lightning strikes. The questions with bothered Lord Buddha - if God is all powerful, why there is misery in the world? Why He does not alleviate their suffering? – are still valid, and remain unanswered. Men took an empirical view of everything. Whereas there is nothing which is only empirical. Everything has behind it a celestial trajectory. If the offspring of nature is innocent, and yet holds essential wisdom, why is this wisdom lacking among the human beings?
It is not the men did not possess this intuitionary wisdom. They had it in plenty. It was Satan who did not want them to remain in peace. So, he planted the Death Wish, the Fire for Knowledge, which we now see transformed into a huge Techno Force. Men, left behind their intuitonary capabilities, and forayed into the world of nature. Had they decided to remain in a position of equanimity with nature, they would not have been in need of Knowledge. But, they took the leap into the dark. Now, they had the powers to prove their power over the nature’s world. What knowledge made of man? It clogged his intuitionary powers. It clipped his feeling of belonging to nature. Rather, it filled his mind with trash. That he can build on his powers, and entrap nature.
- Change in Divine Algorithm
This is how the alteration in divine algorithm came about. Nature remains the innocent one it used to be, whereas man’s AI [acquired intelligence] and Artificial Intelligence, stripped him of all naturalness, of all natural beauty, of all charms of innocence, and turned him into a Gorilla, who is always contriving and conspiring against Nature and God.
My lament here is: Nature should not have restricted its objects and beings to that state of innocence, which has finally served to bring about their own doom. Animals, birds, waters, mountains, winds – possess a higher sense of the right, but their sense of the wrong is not operative. If this sense had been imparted to them, they would not cow down before man’s dark passions. Waters could have stopped men from using them for commercial purposes. And buffaloes could have stopped man from slaughtering them. We needed a nature’s world, more sensitive to human atrocities. How could men destroy forests? They could have stopped him in his march of denudation. Nature, I think, erred in not granting this consciousness of right and wrong to natural objects. Such a situation arises in my epic ‘Lustus’ in which Lustus develops a ‘homovid’ vaccine for animals and birds, so that they could imbibe the qualities of human beings. Particularly, he wanted them to develop negative qualities of men, like hoarding, greed, etc. But here, when I say they should develop their consciousness, I mean they must stand up to the forces of evil.
On the other hand, men lost all controls when they ran away with the ‘holy grail’. Men, though they know they are on an irreligious mission of denuding God and Nature, yet, they always remember Christ and other Prophets day and night in their personal prayers. But, in their heart of hearts, they are assured there is no one to stop them. At first, they subdued nature. Now, they are after God. Man has become a Monster. And there is no stop to his greed, nor his speed can be regulated. This was the explosion, God was scared of. Now, man has become Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, and it is after God, its own creator.
- Alternatives Before God:
There are two possibilities now. One is to grant more consciousness to the objects of nature, which is not in our hands. The other, which is in our hands, is to stop man’s insane march into nothingness. Power, power, power, and power.. and then, over whom? If this power is not over oneself, it is a satanic invention. Ultimately, man will destroy his own civilization, and set himself on fire. This will be the finale of the tale if it is crafted and told by an idiot.
Too much light blinds us. Too much of power has clogged the sensibilities of mankind. We need to stop the march into over- sense in order to avoid the over-kill. Knowing too much is not in the interest of mankind. And knowing everything can be a disaster. Therefore, it is essential to depress man’s quest into the secrets of nature and creation. Already we see cloudbursts, and faithbursts here and there. The world, which was nurtured by faith, has been shattered by its very overdose.
The final take on this is: If gods listen to us, they should accord more powers of discrimination to nature’s objects, so that they could respond adequately to human onslaught. And, on the other hand, Man needs to be force-stopped in his blind march into the entrails of Reality. Man is okay. Superman is okay. But, beyond these limits, start the boundaries of devildom. We already have Satan, and his progeny, Lustus. We cannot take in more devils. Gods! Will you help yourself? You will be helping the cosmic fraternity, if you declare: Halt.
Dr Jernail Singh Anand, President of the International Academy of Ethics, is author of 161 books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy and spirituality. He was awarded Charter of Morava, the great Award by Serbian Writers Association, Belgrade and his name was engraved on the Poets’ Rock in Serbia. The Academy of Arts and philosophical Sciences of Bari (Italy) honoured him with the award of an Honourable Academic. Recently, he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy [Honoris Causa] by the University of Engg and Management, Jaipur. Recently, he organized an International Conference on Contemporary Ethics at Chandigarh. His most phenomenal book is Lustus:The Prince of Darkness (first epic of the Mahkaal Trilogy)

Prepared Angela Kosta Executive Director of MIRIADE Magazine, Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator