Prosa di Oana Ileana Noorani (preparata da Maria Teresa Liuzzo)

Prosa di Oana Ileana Noorani (preparata da Maria Teresa Liuzzo)
Oana Ileana Noorani-Romania
Somewhere in far corner forgotten by the world, where the absence of common occurrences creates confusion, but where hope is the light of every day and inner strength is well beyond the physical, was a tiny village where lived a young man,
As a child, he had an accident and was confined to a wheelchair, despite his affliction this remarkable young man dreamt of reaching infinity and overcoming the limits imposed by his paralysis and one day he participated in a drawing competition, and drew a savior, a hero, a superman,
The drawing was in an ad hoc art gallery in the village school, and on that very day an elderly man, who often visited this village of his birth, bought the drawing anonymously, and when he gazed at its rear, he read this note by the artist: "No battle is lost, unless you give up fighting."
It didn't take long, and the young man was conscripted to a military unit where he met a parachutist who showed him a parachute for disabled troopers and told him: "If you want to fly over the sky, you must keep trying!"
After a few hours, from there in the immensity of the sky, together with the parachutist, they made the big jump and at that moment the young man felt freedom, satisfaction, and finally reconciled with his destiny, he was now a sky fighter,
The young man was unaware of those who felt pity at the sight of his drawing, and among them was the elderly man, who had bought the drawing, and from somewhere a loud voice was heard, "Sir General, I can hardly believe that today our sky has become greater then ever!"
When the young man touched the ground, the general congratulated him and shook his hand, and thus a friendship was born, which grew in leaps and bounds with each passing step,
An unexpected wind began to blow over the faces of the two heroes, but they did not even feel it, and in their story, there were more than a young man in a wheelchair and a general walking with an iron leg.
Preparata da Maria Teresa Liuzzo