Poem by Bornali Dab Bori - Golaghat

Poem by Bornali Dab Bori - Golaghat
I want see very much twiddle 
Snatching and peep inside your chest 
Sometimes with eyes closed
Sometimes with wide open eyes
With a depth of desire and faith
What don't you have for your beloved?
My favorite poem! 
With the rough waves of the river
You know how to get along
With green and golden fields
You know how to dance slowly
What a buggy covered your Himalayan chest! 
From this point right here
I want to take a peek
I want to scream
The stairs of the railway lines are as loud as my screams
Not seen in the long run
It's like becoming
A song that wants to disappear somewhere
A tune that rings
There are no train lines in Dubari to reach Dhuburi 
Where, how did you get so much compassion?
A mind deep in the chest
A blue sky
Green fields
Golden rice 
An ocean of love
You are the friend of my soul
My favorite poet. 
(Translated by Rajeshri Senapati Gogoi, Dibrugarh)


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