Donna McCabe - Poetic cycle

Donna McCabe - Poetic cycle
Donna McCabe 
Donna McCabe is an established poet from South Wales, UK, with over twenty years experience. Her work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies both nationally and internationally, she is also a respected admin on many social media pages as well as having her own Instagram page and poetry page.
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Persevering under pressure
Releasing that untapped goddess within me
I finally feel unburdened, unblemished, alive
I have no tears of society's expectations of me
I tell myself, let your dreams bloom
Through sheer radiating resilience
And courageous compassion
I will experience burgeoning bliss...
Ink bleeds from me
Be it happy, joyous or blue
I just can't stop it from happening
I know it's the same for you too
It's a constant problem
We writers suffer from
The need to bleed out
Our very souls
It's the only way
We can live our lives
Keep going and feeling whole.
Watch me fall apart again
After being strong for so long
Having an emotional overload
To the tune of an old song
Like a cup that's overflowing
The tears they fall like rain
I'm breaking apart at the seams
From this outpouring of emotional pain.
Kiss me like poetry
Let your lips move
Like ink across a new page
Full of raw emotions
You want to express
Before you leave me breathless
Clear of your true feelings
And intentions for me...
Fragrances permeate all around
Leaving a sweet aroma
Openly inviting all
Wildlife to their blooms
Ensuring the cycle of life
Revolves and keeps turning
Sweet innocent blooms that hold so much power.
Our love is like the cosmos
Beautiful and chaotic
Hot and cold
Full of rippling energy
And timeless expansion
With the light and heat
Of a thousand stars burning bright.