Taghrid Bou Merhi - Lebanon, Biography - (Prepared Angela Kosta)

Taghrid Bou Merhi - Lebanon, Biography - (Prepared Angela Kosta)
Taghrid Bou Merhi of the poet and translator lebanese. Born in the town of Qabb Elias, Bekaa Valley, (Lebanon)
- Resident in Brazil.
- Poet, writer, journalist, and translator.
- Arabic language teacher for non-native speakers.
- Holds a degree in law and political science.
- Editor and head of the translation department at several literary newspapers and magazines.
- Responsible for translation into Portuguese and Italian at "Translators Without Borders."
- Development trainer at Sawa Development Association.
- Advisor for literary translation affairs at the Platform of Writers of the Levant.
- Advisor for translation media affairs at the World Union of Arab Intellectuals.
- Global poetry advisor at CCTV Chinese Central Television, 塔赫里德·· (Taghrid Bou Merhi)
- Member of the prestigious platform of the World Union of Writers of the United Nations (WWWU) in Kazakhstan.
- Member of the International Literary Association Creative Tribune.
- Two-time international judge for the Walt Whitman International Competition.
- Head of the interviews department at Polismagazino magazine in Greece.
- Ambassador for the World Organization for Creativity for Peace in London.
- Lebanon's ambassador in the International Fellowship for Humanities and Sciences, England-London.
- Lebanon's ambassador to the World Union of Writers and Artists in Portugal.
- Accredited ambassador to The Daily Global Nation newspaper in Bangladesh.
- Brand ambassador from Brazil for Moncheri Escapes - a leading travel agency in India.
- Lebanon's ambassador to the International Cultural Salon Association in Tunisia, Creative Visions.
- Brazil's ambassador to the American magazine P.L.O.T.S. Magazine Ambassadors.
- Honorary member of the prestigious international institution Angeena.
- Accredited ambassador to the 2023 Stockholm Project, a leading global project for poets.
- Accredited ambassador to Mirror of Life magazine and Creative Minds magazine.
Awards and Honors:
- International Professor Nizar Sartawi Creativity Award for Translation and Literature in 2021.
- Nagi Naaman Creativity Award for Poetry and Literature in 2023.
- SahityaPata Kazi Nazrul Islam Annual Birth Anniversary Award - 2022.
- UNESCO Award for contributions to translation and literature in 2021.
- Rahim Karim Poet Prize for 2022 "RAHIM KARIM WORLD PRIZE."
- Peace Certificate from the World Peace Union Poetas Intergalácticos, Ecuador.
- Annual International Poet Zheng Xin Prize for 2022 in Beijing and representing Lebanon in 2023.
- First National Zheng Nian Cup in 2023, Beijing.
- Honorary Certificate for Global Peace (Greece) from Greece Delphi (Elaiko Bpabeio).
- Excellence in Journalism Shield from Nile and Euphrates Literary Magazine for 2022 and 2023.
- Honorary Membership Certificate from the prestigious international institution Angeena.
- Honorary Journalist Certificates from Creative Minds magazine and Mirror of Life International newspaper agency.
- Honorary Certificate for Hyperpoem Book (a poetry book publishing 2000 poets), Guinness World Records.
- Honorary Certificate and Commemorative Shield presented by the Permanent Cultural Dialogue Authority, founded by Dr. Abdel Karim Baalbaki, at the Arab Poetry Festival, Gibran Khalil Gibran Edition, Lebanon, in 2023.
- Certificate of appreciation from the Syrian-Qatari Arab University for Poets, Writers, Culture, and World Peace.
- Commemorative certificate "The King Of Peace" from the Elite Arab Creative Union Foundation.
- Honorary award from the International Poetic Brotherhood in Texas, USA, for translating the anthem of world poetry into Arabic, French, and Italian.
- Certificate of appreciation, a numbered certificate for international activities and literary contributions from the Russian Union of Professional Writers. This diploma was awarded by the organizer of the international competition, Alexey Kalakoutin, under the title "Memorial of V.M.Terekhov - 2022" held in Russia, specifically in the Ninji Novgorod branch of the Russian Union (registered with the Ministry of Culture).
- International award for the best poet, writer, and peace activist for the year 2022, awarded by Dr. Hedayatul Islam, CEO of BIKASH SAHITYA PARISHAD, Bangladesh.
- Distinguished honor from Dr. Mohamed Kamal, Director of the Fellowship of Creativity and Humanities with International and Diplomatic Character, choosing Lebanese poet and translator Tughreed Bou Marai among the top 100 personalities of 2022.
- Honorary certificate from the International Chamber of Writers and Artists for CIESART PHILIPPINES, represented by its president Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo.
- Two honorary certificates from the International Chamber of Writers and Artists for CIESART ANDONISI, Indonesia, represented by its president Rini Valentina.
- Honorary certificate from Ambassador of IFCH (International Forum for Creativity and Humanity).
- Honorary certificate from "The International Chamber of Writers and Artists of Pakistan" awards Certificate of Acknowledgment of Participation for the work made in the Anthology for Cezart Pakistan.
- Honorary certificate from PREMIO ALMA CHISPEANTE from UHE, Chile branch, presented by its president, Cristian Romero Diaz.
- Honorary award "World Leaders Award" among 140 global personalities, announced by WORLD GALA, declaring certificates of honor for world leaders of the selected five continents, to be presented in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico, during the Global Summit on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.
- Honorary certificate as an international judge in the Russian global competition Walt Whitman Competition.
- Honorary certificate presented by Sahito International as a judge in the SAHITO INTERNACIONAL AWARD FOR LITERATURE, WINNERS OF JURY AWARDS, represented by its president Tareq Samin, Bangladesh.
- Two honorary certificates from the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of PRODIGY magazine, Zlatan Demirovic.
- Honorary certificates and accolades from international associations and societies in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, China, and various literary forums.
- Proficient languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, English, alongside the native language.
Writes short stories, poetry of various types, prose, articles, research papers, children's stories, memoirs, haiku, flash fiction, and critical studies (65 articles to date).
Her books include:
1. _تغاريد الشوق Songs of longing
2._ديوان مفاتح العلوم آيات..وتجليات .The Keys of Science:Verses and Manifestations; 3.فلسفات على حافّةِ الروح. Philosophies at the Edge of the Soul; 4. Flowers Of Love; 4. جروح الوجد .Wounds of the heart
5. لي ما ليس لي Mine Is Not Mine 6. أبجدية السقوط Falling Alphabet. 7. أبجدية السقوط بين اللغة والفكر The alphabet of falling between language and thought. 8. ثقافة المعنى والمبنى لكتاب فلسفات على حافة الروح The culture of meaning and building for the book Philosophies on the Edge of the Spirit. 
9. طوفان الأقصى STROM OF AL-AQSA . 10. الديوان المُحمّدي- يارسول الله ( جزئين) Al-DIWAN AL-MUHAMMADI.. OH MESSENGER Of GOD! 11. حواف الذّاكرة! Memory edges! 12 . سادن الغيب Servant of the Unseen  13.موسيقا بيتهوفن! Beethoven's music! 14. Flowers Of Love 15. La Esperanza 16 . The Last Air! 17Intercontinental stories. 18. Eco de letras. 19.من حكايات جدتي From my grandmother's stories 20. ومضات شعرية ( قيد المراجعة)Poetic flashes (under review) 21. إبداعات نقدية في تجربتي الإبداعية ( قيد المراجعة)Critical creations in my creative experience (under review).. 22.طيور الجنّة! (قيد المراجعة)Heavens' Birds!( Under Review).
Collections and Collaborative Books:
- Collection "Causes of Victory in the Battle of Life," by the esteemed writer, poet, and critic Professor Mohamed Dahrouj, Egypt.
- Contributed to the first audio collection across ages with the poem "Separation of Loved Ones."
- Collection "Arab Creators 1000 Pen" (Cultural Elite).
- Contributed to the Encyclopedia of Arab Writers (Cultural Elite).
- Encyclopedia "The Teacher" (Cultural Elite).
- Encyclopedia "The Poem is Female" (Cultural Elite).
- Encyclopedia "Palestine in the Eyes of Poets" (Cultural Elite).
- Encyclopedia "Lebanon in the Eyes of Poets" (Cultural Elite).
- Encyclopedia "Virgin Love" (Cultural Elite).
- Collection "Biographies of Literary Figures" by poet Mohammad Sawaleha, Jordan, Part Two.
- Book "Treasures" by Dr. Mohammad Fathi Abdel Aal, Egypt, Parts Three and Four.
- Collection "The Thousand Quatrains of the Seagull Poets" edited by poet Hala Mahmoud Ahmad, Egypt.
- Encyclopedia "Eloquent Arabic Women's Poetry" by Fatima Bouhraka, Morocco.
- Poetry Anthology "The Fifth Translation Handshake," Parts One and Two, compiled and edited by Mazigh Yeder.
- Book "Fatima Al-Ushbi: A Pulse that Never Dies" by Fatima Bouhraka, Morocco.
- Book series "From Literary Blossoms," Parts One, Two, and Three, Arab Poets' Forum.
- Encyclopedia "Pulsating Flashes," "Flashes Encyclopedia," Arab Poets' Forum.
- Book "Poetesses I Knew" by poet Naser Ramadan Abdel Hamid, Part Three.
- Book "They" by writer Asim Al-Bakkar.
- Book "The Jurisprudence of Creativity" by poet Naser Ramadan Abdel Hamid from Egypt.
- Collection "Syria in the Hearts of Poets" by the Arab Upper Egypt Cultural Union and Ismail Hasanin Al-Umda Center.
- Book "On the Margins of Literature" by poet Naser Ramadan Abdel Hamid (a book of articles and studies).
- Book "In Praise of Disappointment" by poet Naser Ramadan Abdel Hamid.
- Collection "Poets for Peace" by poet Abdullah Al-Qasimi, Tunisia.
- Collection "Candles of Hope" by the world-renowned poet Abdullah Al-Qasimi.
- Book "Love" by the world-renowned poet Abdullah Al-Qasimi.
- Collection "Short Stories" edited by poet Taher Meshi.
- Book "Aphrodite" by poet Abdullah Al-Qasimi.
- Global Encyclopedia of Children's Literature edited by poet Abdullah Al-Qasimi.
- Encyclopedia "O Iraq" compiled and edited by poet Saleh Al-Taie.
- Encyclopedia of Short Stories (Three Parts) (Arab Poets Forum) (Part Three compiled and translated 39 stories into Arabic by TAGHRID BOU MERHI).
- Encyclopedia "In the Bosom of Al-Aqsa" by the Arab Poets Forum.
- Collection "Arab Upper Egypt" by poet Ismail Hasanin Al-Umda, Egypt.
- Collection "Flood of Al-Aqsa" edited by poet Ismail Hasanin Al-Umda.
- Book "The Nile" by poet Ismail Hasanin Al-Umda.
- Collection "The Earth Breathes Its Last" edited and coordinated by Al-Hasan Al-Jameh and Mohammad Munir.
- Book "The Roar in the Quarters of Blood" by the esteemed poet Farhan Al-Khatib from Syria (Introduction).
- Book "Fragrance of Verses" by poet Rasha Lotfy from Egypt.
- Book "The Arab Dream" compiled and edited by poets Lilas Zarzur, Adnan Al-Jumaili, and Tagridd Bou Merhi.
- Book Collection "In the Literature of Resistance" "Gaza... Hymns of Victory" compiled and edited by poet Salima Mellizi, Algeria.
Participation in anthologies of international poetry, and foreign books:
(Peace), (war and Peace),( Humanity), (BLISS), (THE MODERN WRITERS) (HIPERPOEM ) (La Fenetre De Paris Volume 2),(BRIDGES TO TOMORROW),( Wirlds In Uzbekistan),( Bards Of Illuminations),(Creative Bridge2022),( Thoughts In Words),( Candles Of Hope),( Elas Sambam)،( Canto Planetário),( the summer), ( Money, war and peace),( Un grito por la paz),( thoughts In Words),( Micropoetry Cosmos),( Anthology in Bosnian) ,( Mulheres Maravilhosas Na Semana De Arte Moderna),(White Cloud),(Literature E Art Anthology),(Photography Anthology),(An Anthology Of World Poetry)( Baú DO Vovô 2)( My Mother Tonge In Poetry) (WORLD CONTEMPORARY POETS Volume-1)(WORLD Cogyoshi)(Imagen poesia)(Voces Femininas)(World Literature Forever) ( WORLD CONTEMPORARY POETS ANTHOLOGY,Volume1)( My Mother Tonge In Poetry)( World Literature Forever)( Tríade de Natal)(Inner Peace)( Mulheres Maravilhosas Volume 7)(A Spark Of Hope 3)(Anthology Glomag)(The Silk Road Anthology)(Nano poems for Africa)(The Mist) ( DaylanDay:Dreams)( Setetes Pekahan Embun Jatuh Di Ujung )( ROMANTIC SUMMER POETRY)( A Spark Of Hope3)(Glomag Anthology)(Soflia Anthology Of Microstories Volume2)( Sakura)(A Spark Of Hope3)(World Literature Forever)(REDEFINING)(APHRODITE)( EPITOM OF INNOCENCE )(BLOOMING FLOWERS IN LIFE'S GARDEN)(ABOVE US All) (POETRY FOR CHILDREN)( Invisible Yet Everywhere)(MANUSHATVAM,SONG OF HUMANITY)(NEW BEGINNINGS)(AWAKENER OF HIDDEN POTENTIALS)(AMAZING GARDENER)(DoorWays To The New Beginnings)(Anthology- Serbia, World Poet Volume 2)( Anthologia Dominicana), and other....
- Participated in the 10th International Festival of Poetry and Arts (Kingdom of Morocco).
- Participated in the Arab Poetry Festival, Gibran Khalil Gibran Edition, Lebanon, for the year 2023.
- Participated in numerous Arab and foreign cultural activities and seminars.
Translation of books and collections:
- Book "Rituals of Love" into Spanish by poet Fatima Mansour.
- A selection of texts from the complete collection (Parts Two, Three, Four, and Five) by poet Naser Ramadan Abdel Hamid, translated into Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
- Book "Savage Wind" by poet Asok Kumar Mitra, translated into Arabic and Portuguese.
- A collection of flashes by Lebanese poet Ghada Al-Husseini translated into Italian and Portuguese.
- A selection of Haiku texts from the Pulse and Flash Encyclopedia / Arab Poets Forum, translated into Arabic.
- A selection of quatrains from the HIPERPOEM collection (Guinness World Encyclopedia), translated into English.
- Texts from the collection "Fatima Al-Ushbi: A Pulse That Doesn't Die" into Italian and Portuguese.
- Poem "Rayan" translated into Italian, sung by the world-renowned Italian singer and composer Mario Rigli.
- Book "GARDEN X" (a collection of plays) by writer Ali Radin translated into French.
- Book "The Finest Cigarette" by poet Ahmad Al-Khattat translated into Arabic.
- Book "We Will Sing Until We Become Corpses" (a collection of short stories) by poet Ahmad Al-Khattat / Canada Montreal, translation into Arabic.
- A collection of short stories "KAMEO" by Malaysian writer Ali Radin translated into Spanish.
- A selection of poems from the book "Setetes Pekahan Embun Jatuh Di Ujung" by poet Rini Valentina from Indonesia translated into Arabic.
- A collection of short stories (39 stories) from the grand encyclopedia of short stories (Arab Poets Forum) translated into Arabic.
- A selection of stories from the book "Soflia Anthology Of Microstories Volume 2" translated into English.
- A selection of poems from the book "Soflia Anthology Of POETRY" translated into English.
- Book of poetry translated into Portuguese, titled "A Face That Seeks Pathways," by Egyptian poet Omara Ibrahim.
- Book of poetry translated into Spanish, titled "Music of Closeness," by Dr. Abdel Hakam Al-Alami from Egypt.
- Book of poetry translated into French, titled "La Mer de l'Exil" (The Sea of Exile), by poet Ghada Al-Arnaout, from Lebanon/Canada.
- Global Poetry Anthem translated into Arabic, French, and Italian.
- Poetry collection "Tofan Al-Aqsa" compiled and translated into English.
- Book "Al-Diwan Al-Mohammadi...Ya Rasoul Allah" compiled and translated into Spanish.
- Poetry collection "Arab Dream" compiled by Lilas Zarzour, Taghrid Bou Merhy, and Adnan Al-Jumaili, translated into English.
- A collection of 80 poems from the poetry collection "Birds of Paradise" compiled and translated into Arabic.
- Translation of two stories from the book "Shajarat Al-Ahlam Al-Aliya" by writer Mondher Marzouki ("The Dreaming Bird" into Spanish and "The Cat's Face" into Portuguese).
- Translation of the poetry book "Moon Arsher's" by poet Ali Radin into Italian and Arabic.
- Translation of the poetry book "Al-Khalas Ila Masharef Al-Henna" by poet Dr. Raad Al-Basri.
- Translation of hundreds of poems and prose texts, Arabic and foreign, published in Arab and foreign magazines, websites, and newspapers.
- The literary and poetic works of poet Bou Merhy have been translated into 48 languages.
- Critical readings and studies of many poems from the collections "Tagharid Al-Shawq" (Chants of Longing), "Jurooh Al-Wajd" (Wounds of Passion), and "Falsafat Ala Hafat Al-Rouh" (Philosophies on the Edge of the Soul) by specialized literary critics and writers.
- Reading of many of her poems written in Spanish on Andromeda_Radio in Mexico and on Umro_Radio in Spain.
_Reading of a collection of her prose, poetry, and philosophical writings in English by students at Haven International Literary Platform, India.
- Critical reading of a collection of her philosophical writings in English by the established poet and critic from India, Cijo Joseph Chinnellil.
- Published in numerous newspapers, paper and electronic magazines, Arab and foreign websites.
(The Lebanese Newspaper, The Kuwaiti Al-Qabas, Aqlam Hurra Magazine, Al-Muthaqaf, Al-Iraq Al-Ikhbariya Newspaper, Al-Akhbar Newspaper, Sawt Al-Quds Newspaper, Al-Hadaf Newspaper, Tariq Al-Qawm Newspaper, Agharid Al-Adabia Magazine Lebanon, Zahrat Al-Lailak Holanda, Azhar Al-Harf Egipt, Taghridat Nakhla Iraq, Al-Arabi Al-Yawm, Al-Ahram, Al-Diwan Al-Jadid, Al-Asafir Magazine for Children, Ghayma Magazine for Children, Al-Alam Al-Thaqafi Magazine, Aafak Hurra Magazine, Stockholm International Peace Magazine, Al-Udabaa Magazine, Mubdeoon Magazine, Nile and Euphrates Magazine, Awtad Magazine, Basriat Al-Adab Magazine, Tamra Quarterly Magazine, Al-Mowatin Newspaper, Al-Hilm Al-Arabi Magazine, Al-Akhbar Al-Thaqafi Newspaper, Al-Zawraa Newspaper, Le Citoyen Newspaper published in Algeria in French. Rendition of International Poetry Quarterly/Chinese, Al-Akhbar, Al-Dustur, Misan Newspaper, Shanxi Science And Technology Newspaper (CN 14-0009) in China. Silvae verborum Internacional, Entre parenteses, Chinese Dropbox, Punjabi Writer Weekly, Spanish Azahar Magazine, Pakistani Sindhcourier, Uzbek Nodirabegim, Literature Rw, Nêmesis de arte y poesia from Mexico, Awen, Atunis, Our Poetry Archive, GloMag, Humanity, Escritores sin fronteras, Polismagazino, P.L.O.T.S, American MT. Kenya Times, Las Olas Del Arte, Atunis Galaxy Poetry, The Daily Global and others)
Prepared Angela Kosta