Poems by Andromachi Benekou (Prepared Angela Kosta)

Poems by Andromachi Benekou (Prepared Angela Kosta)
Andromachi Benekou was born in Chouliarades, Ioannina. Her love for books and development pushed her to study Economics, Pedagogy and postgraduate studies in Learning Disabilities At the same time, she is a poet, puppeteer, painter, author and her projects have been performed in many schools. Her puppet plays include poems she has been writing since high school. She has been distinguished for her voluntary activity in institutions of Ioannina, with the promotion of Greek literature and culture.
Love is a conqueror
shoots silver arrows
but if it happens that you refuse him
it throws you into the marshes!
He is a fierce warrior
He holds you like a booty
As "slave" you follow
your golden crown wears!
After the violent invasion
flowers of the soul have withered
you are in divine court
your spirit is enchanted!
You go through secret passages
swallow tails fly low
you arrive at the Parthenon as a king
they wear your purple tunic!
 That's where your life shines
in the stone-pillared alleys
stardust is gathering
in five-petalled lilies!
Unsuspecting you taste it
you think it is the nectar of the Gods
you never heal
follower of the passions…
On earth the small island
thousands of young storks
they go to sea, they arrive running.
With evening sky
our home destination
they flutter a nest they do!
 On earth the small island
a child arrives
of God's path for years.
he lets out his first cry
of joy is anticipation
he shines like a white viconia.
We all set up a dance
in our own sky
anticipating songs of the wind
which brings us to you
treasure of the whole world
my perfect sea angel!
I will drink you like wine
giving you a kiss
it resurrects from the darkness!
You bring the light with you
clothed in purple
you sleep in hugs and caresses!
My love is a vocalist
away of the marshes
he is my only hymn
he will bring me to you. 
To taste of your rainbow
climax of honey
in your garden as soon as I come
from your heavenly arrows.
Peacock fans its wings
cheeks flaming
after the heart was flooded
pleasure from buds.


Prepared Angela Kosta Executive Director of MIRIADE Magazine, Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator