Poem by Lee, Do Yeon (Prepared Angela Kosta)

Poem by Lee, Do Yeon (Prepared Angela Kosta)
Poetess Ms. Lee, Do yeon graduated from Busan Women's University and received the 2013 Quarterly Culture and Literature Time Newcomer Award. She served on the editorial board of the quarterly Culture and Literature Time, the editorial board of Dong-gu Newspaper, and as the secretary-general of the Busan Regional Committee of the International PEN Korea Headquarters. She published her poetry collections ‘The Road to Hope’ and ‘Life’s Road to You’. She has won the 11th Culture and Literature Time Best Picture Award, the 13th Culture and Literature Time Writer Award, the International PEN Korean Headquarters Busan PEN Literature Award Writer Award, the 14th White Lotus Poetry Recitation Award, and the Korea Culture and Arts Award (Tea Culture Education Award). She is currently the Vice President of the Busan Regional Committee of the International PEN Korea Headquarters, the Vice President of the Ieodo Literary Literature Association, and the Vice President of the Korean Association of World Literature.
Summer with its scorching sun,
Taejongsa Temple's hydrangeas bloom in vibrant pink and blue hues.
Was youth akin to this?
The resplendent sight of hydrangeas mirrored in a pond,
Another vestige seeping into the water.
My countenance mirrors the joy of a hydrangea child
Amidst the bustling crowd.
Under the faint sunlight of the sweltering summer,
I fall in love with the abundant beauty of hydrangeas.
Forgetting the heat momentarily,
I traverse the path of youthful hydrangeas that bloom every year,
Carrying my spirit along.
뜨거운 태양이 내리쬐는 여름
태종사 수국 연분홍 파란색 영롱함 모습
청춘이 이랬든가
연못에 비친 수국의 아름다운 자태
물에 스며드는 다른 잔영
나의 모습은 수국 아이처럼 즐겁구나
오고 가는 인파
무더운 여름 햇볕이
수국의 풍성한 아름다움에 반해
더위도 잠시 잊은
해마다 피는 청춘의 수국 열차에
몸을 싣고 가는구나
Sea water bluer than the sky
The white foam is like tickling a rocky island.
The sea is bruised from being beaten so much
The sea gently brushes against the rocks and recedes.
Without showing whether I like it or not
  Round, round, bouncy rock
The rock is in silent mode day and night
Even if the waves come calmly
Even if I hit the rock hard on the face
The rock is shy boy and has no words.
Don’t be bored all day long
Rocks are grateful to be played with.
Whenever you’re having a hard time, hit a rock or something and play.
The rock doesn’t even raise its head
A thousand years of lying flat
As long as there is no tectonic shift
The rock is always there
With built-in closet
The rock will wait for you
하늘보다 파아란 바닷물
물거품 되어 바위섬 간지럼 태우듯
많이 맞아서 멍이
살짝 스치며 물러난다
좋은 싫은 내색도 없이
몽글몽글 탱글탱글
나는 낮이고 밤이고 침묵모드
파도 타고 잔잔히 와도
세차게 볼을 쳐도
나는 샤이보이 말이 없어
하루 종일 심심하지 않게
놀아주는 것이 고마운 게지
어느 때고 힘들면 등물 치며 놀라고
고개조차 들고
납작 엎드려 있어온 천년 세월
지각변동이 없는
나는 언제나 자리
너만 기다릴께
I fell in love with S-Line’s charm
I asked your name
drooping plum blossoms
It’s still winter
There are buds on the branches
To deliver spring news
A lot of time has passed since the first snow
Flower buds try to see the world first
Even if you just lightly touch the flower bud,
Looks like it’s about to explode
I look forward to it like a child’s laughter
When I think of seeing the beautiful flowers on each drooping branch,
I miss it like seeing a loved one.
에스라인의 매력에 빠져
그대 이름을 물어보니
처진 매화
아직 겨울이 만치
가지엔 방울방울 눈이 달렸네
봄소식 전하기 위해
눈도 저만치 보내고
내가 먼저 세상을 보겠다고
살짝 손만 터치해도
금방 터질 뜻한 모습이
아이 웃음마냥 기다려진다
처진 가지가지마다 아름다운 꽃들을
생각하니 보듯 그리워
Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator