Jernail Singh Anand (Prepared Angela Kosta)

Jernail Singh Anand (Prepared Angela Kosta)
In a record setting moment, Dr Jernail Singh Anand has presented 130 of his published books to the National Library, Kolkata. He calls it a Home Sweet Home for his works. He has now sent 123 books to the Library while it already had 7 books by the author. Prior to this, Dr. Anand has donated 32 books to his alma mater SCD Govt. College, Ludhiana. As a gesture of goodwill, he proposes to send one set of his books to Punjabi University Patiala from where he did his MA English and his name appears in the Most Prominent Alumni of the University [Edurank] and another to Panjab University, Chandigarh, from where he did his doctoral studies. 
Dr. Anand is a towering figure of world literature who was recently crowned with prestigious award ‘Charter of Morava’ at the 60th Belgrade World Writers Meet, 2023. His name was engraved on the Poets’ Rock in Serbia, which is a rare honour for a poet. Dr. Anand is the only poet from Punjab, and from India who was thus honoured by the Serbian Writers Association, after Sh Rabindra Nath Tagore. 
Dr. Anand believes that a poet should be in the service of mankind, not only the human society, or even the world society, his sympathies extend over to the cosmic society. For him, every object, birds, tress, animals, waters, mountains, - every object is worthy of respect. He has authored 9 epics and his most discussed book is Lustus: The Prince of Darkness, which is a satire and which places him close to authors like Daniel Defoe. Lustus blasts the modern Corporatization of life systems, and in the 3rd part of the Mahakaal Trilogy, Dr. Anand fabulates a post-Kalyuga world in his epic: The Ultronic Age. It was in view of these literary accomplishments, that the University of Engg and Management, Jaipur, conferred on him the Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree in Literature. Apart from literary creation, Dr. Anand spearheading the International Academy of Ethics.
Jernail Singh Anand is President of the International Academy of Ethics. He is author of 160 plus books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy and spirituality. The Academy of Arts and Philosophical Sciences, Bari (Italy) honoured him with the prestigious position of Honorable Academic. He was awarded Charter of Morava, the great International Award in Creativity by Serbian Writers Association, Belgrade at the60th Belgrade International Writers Meeting (Oct 2023), and his name was engraved on the Poets’ Rock in Serbia. Recently, he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy "Honoris Causa" by the University of Engg and Management, Jaipur. His most phenomenal book is Lustus:The Prince of Darkness [first epic of the Mahkaal Trilogy].

Prepared Angela Kosta